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Welcome to The Trailing Edge

This site is devoted to computing technology which has been left behind by the rapidly advancing Leading Edge of computing. Many interesting and useful systems have been forgotten with the mad rush to stay on the Cutting Edge and maintain the high sales of hardware and software companies. While we too like to have the latest and greatest, we don't want people to forget the legacy which lead to today's systems. Many of these older systems were once considered part of the Bleeding Edge but most people know little if anything about them or just dismiss them. If you have some item related to these old systems that you'd like to clear out or just want to say hello and share some story about them, you can email me at

If you are looking for the used PC store in Canada, this is not it. What you are looking for is here.

Recent News

2021-11-24MTU-130 Updates
I've been able to gather all my MTU-130 hardware, software and documentation together again in one place. I've begun to catalog all of it in preparation to scan/image/document everything. You can see the current catalog of documentation and software here.

2021-07-07Coleco Adam Doc
Added a Coleco Adam section to the library where I'll be placing various documentation for the system.

2021-04-29OSI Newsletters
Cataloged a bunch of Ohio Scientific (OSI) newsletters. Volumes 1.1-2.2 (Jul 77-Mar/Apr 78) of Ohio Scientific's Small Systems Journal and volumes 1.3-7.3 (Mar 80-Mar 86) of Peek (65)-The Unofficial OSI Users Journal. I'll stick any that aren't available online otherwise into my to-scan pile.

2021-03-07Doc Updates
Catching up on some backlog items. Added several new docs to the Apple II library as well as some new donated docs to the MTU-130 resources. Working on moving to a new server and hopefully site updates in the very new future.

2020-07-26New Docs
Added the MTU-130 Double Density Disk Controller Manual to the MTU-130 section of the resources center and the Apple III Owner's Guide and Apple III Profile Owner's Manual to the Apple III section of the Apple library.

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