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HP 2000ASR-33APF Imagination MachineHeathkit H11Enterprise 64

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AT&T 3B1 (x2)
DEC PDP-11/34
DG Nova-3
HP 9836
Mac Plus
Mac SE/30 (x2)
MicroVAX 3100
Sun 3/80
Sun SPARCstation 5

Mac SE/30

Updated 2019-03-12
Company/Released :Apple Computer
CPU :68000 (16 Bit)
Operating System :MacOS
RAM :???
Storage :???
Display :Built-in
Misc Peripherals :None
History :03/12/2019 : Not sure when I picked these up originally but have since passed them along to another collector.


Never got around to doing anything with these so passed them on to someone who could use them.

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