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Magazine Lists

Color Computer
Title Author Publisher Year
6809 Assembly Language ProgrammingLance LeventhalOsborne/McGraw-Hill1981
6809 Microcomputer Programming & Interfacing with ExperimentsAndrew C. Staugaard, JR.Howard W. Sams & Co.1982
Accidental EmpiresRobert X. CringelyAddison Wesley1992
A Collector's Guide to Personal Computers and Pocket CalculatorsDr. Thomas F. HaddockBooks Americana1993
Advanced CHerbert SchildtOsborne/McGraw-Hill1986
Advanced Commodore 128 Graphics and Sound ProgrammingStan KruteTAB Books1988
Advanced Graphics in CNelson JohnsonOsborne/McGraw-Hill1987
Advanced TRS-80 Level II BASICDon Inman
Bob Albrecht
Ramon Azmora
John Wiley & Sons1981
AppleWorks Made EasyCarole B. MatthewsOsborne/McGraw-Hill1987
Applied Programming Techniques in CTerry A. WardScott, Foresman and Company1985
A Small C CompilerJames E. HendrixM&T Books1988
Back to BASICJohn G. Kemeny
Thomas E. Kurtz
Addison-Wesley Publishing1985
Basic BASICJames S. CoanHayden Book Company1970
Born to Code in CHerbert SchildtOsborne/McGraw-Hill1989
Collectible MicrocomputersMichael NadeauSchiffer2002
Compiler Desgin & Implementation for C-64 and C-128Volker SasseAbacus1985
Computer Programming in BASIC for EveryoneThomas A. Dwyer
Michael S. Kaufman
Houghton Mifflin1977
Compute!'s ATARI Collection Volume 1VariousCompute! Publications1985
Compute!'s First Book of ATARIVariousCompute! Publications1981
Compute!'s First Book of ATARI GraphicsVariousCompute! Publications1982
Compute!'s Second Book of ATARIVariousCompute! Publications1982
Compute!'s Third Book of ATARIVariousCOMPUTE! Publications1984
Core PHP ProgrammingLeon AtkinsonPrentice Hall1999
C Programmer's Utility LibraryFrank WhitsellTAB Books1987
Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDKEric HarlowNew Riders1999
Digital RetroGordon LangSybex2004
HackersSteven LevyDell1984
IBM Personal ComputerLarry Joel Goldstein
Martin Goldstein
Robert J Brady Company1982
Introduction to ProgrammingDECDigital Equipment1970
Introduction to WordStarArthur NaimanSybex1982
Ken Uston's Guide to Home ComputersKen UstonSignet1983
Learning C with Tiny CScott B. GutheryTAB Books1985
Mapping the ATARIIan ChadwickCompute! Publications1983
Master Handbook of Microprocessor ChipsCharles K. AdamsTAB Books1981
More TRS-80 Assembly Language ProgrammingWilliam Barden Jr.Radio Shack1982
Official Book for the Commodore 128 Personal ComputerMitchell Waite
Robert Lafore
Jerry Volpe
Howard W. Sams & Co.1985
The ATARI BASIC Source BookBill Wilkinson
Kathleen O'Brien
Paul Laughton
Compute! Publications1983
The C CompanionAllen I. HolubPrentice-Hall1987
The Official BASIC09 Tour GuideDale L. PuckettMicroware Systems1985
The Small-C HandbookJames E. HendrixReston Publishing1984
The Third Rainbow Book of AdventuresJutta Kapfhammer
Philip S. Helm
The Z-80 Microcomputer HandbookWilliam Barden Jr.Howard W. Sams & Co.1979
TRS-80 Assembly Language ProgrammingWilliam Barden Jr.Radio Shack1979
TRS-80 Color Computer Assembly Language ProgrammingWilliam Barden Jr.Radio Shack1983
TRS-80 Color Computer ProgramsTom Rugg
Phil Feldman
dilithium Press1982
Waterloo BASICJ.W. Graham
J.W. Welch
K.I. McPhee
WATFAC Publications1980
Watfiv SMichael J. MerchantWadsworth Publishing1985
Writing Compilers & InterpretersRonald MakJohn Wiley & Sons1991
X Window System User's Guide OSF/Motif EditionValerie Quercia
Tim O'Reilly
Your Commodore 64John Heilborn
Ran Talbott

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